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Online Programs & Wellbeing Support

Mindstar's programs are simple, engaging and provide you with real, practical and inspiring content to be the best person you can be! Click below to access!

If you attended APEX Inspire events 2018, discover how to unlock access to your 3 x free sessions of wellbeing support.

The Man Program - 5 Minute Challenge

A program designed by men, for men.  Get tools for your toolbelt to look out for your mates and to become the very best man you can be.

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The Mindstar MeTime Challenge

How often do you look out just for yourself?  Join us over 6 episodes for a personalised & unique look at self-care. Helping you find the time to be you!

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Connect with a Wellbeing Professional

Sometimes life throws us curveballs and can be difficult to navigate.  We'll connect you to professional wellbeing support, know matter what you're going through.

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Introducing Mindstar Recommends

Updated every month, Mindstar Recommends is a carefully curated selection of exceptional and inspirational books, podcasts, apps and videos hand picked for you!

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Mental Health & Wellbeing Factsheets (without the psychobabble)

Download one of 9 different fact sheets that give real, practical tips and tools on subjects such as anxiety, depression, looking after your mates and how to get support.


  • Anxiety: What does it look like?
  • Depression: What does it look like?
  • How do I access a mental health professional?
  • How do I help others who are struggling?
  • How do I start a conversation?
  • Mental Health: Understanding the basics
  • Looking after Number 1  -  You!
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Do you need some extra support?

We're here to help.

Life is never as simple as it seems.  If you are struggling or need to speak to someone who gets it, Mindstar Wellbeing & Mental Health Professionals are here to help. 

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Guide to Workplace Wellbeing & Posters

Download our guide to Workplace Wellbeing, with tools and articles relating to stress, sleep and mindfulness.

Included are 3 unbranded posters to hang on your walls to show your commitment to workplace wellbeing.


Unpack Series - Podcast & Youtube

UNPACK is a cutting-edge content platform on a mission; smash the stigma around mental health and inspire personal growth! Featuring raw, relatable accounts from Australians of all walks of life.

Each episode entertains, educates, and engages through personal stories, tips and insights.

UNPACK exists to show you are never alone and episode topics include resilience, facing fear, suicide, sexual assault, animal rights, startup stress +  much more. 

Podcast & Youtube channel available!

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Wellbeing for Small Business

If employee wellbeing is important to you,

consider Mindstar as your Wellbeing Partner for small business.

With packages to suit any size, we have your team in mind!

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Wellbeing Articles

Mindfulness and Social Media

Some hands on, handy tips to help you post with purpose and control your scroll. Stay mindful whilst you read this article.

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How Stress Can Affect the Bottom Line

With 45% of APEX attendees citing work stress as their number 1 concern, this article explores how & why it happens and offers some solutions to provide relief. 

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Making access easy

By adding the e-Wellbeing Hub to your phone or tablet home screen, you'll have wellbeing support at your fingertips where and when you need it.


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If you are in a life threatening or crisis situation, call Lifeline on 131 114 to access a free 24 hour hotline. If your issue is an emergency, call 000 or go to your nearest emergency department


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